A technology above the rest

Exede Internet is powered by ViaSat-1, the most powerful communications satellite ever launched. With download speeds up to 12 Mbps, proprietary acceleration software and an entirely new technology on the ground, Exede is a completely different experience compared with yesterday’s satellite Internet service.

Fast & powerful: What you can do with Exede

  • Browse the web and your email faster than ever
  • Share photos remarkably fast
  • Enjoy better video chat with fewer delays
  • Send and receive files quickly
  • Use VPN services to access business files from home
  • Watch streaming videos, TV and movies with fewer delays from buffering

Why Exede Internet is the best choice

  • We offer a truly free data usage time slot daily.
  • There are no data caps during our Late Night Free Zone
  • Up to 12 Mbps download speeds and 3Mbps of upload speeds on ALL plans.
  • Other services charge you much more for the same high speeds
  • Every plan comes with the full suite of Google Apps™Google Apps
  • Created by ViaSat, an industry leader on the cutting edge of innovative satellite communication technology
  • Our subscribers love the service. Read what some of them have to say here